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Save the date… 10*20*18… Save the city!!!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Downtown Elgin will again be under heavy military control this year in order to keep everyone safe from the infection. To ensure your survival, citizens are encouraged to proceed to the SAFE ZONE at Nightmare on Chicago Street.

Elgin’s Zombie Defense Initiative (ZDI) has again sanctioned the area of Chicago Street from Douglas to Villa, as well as portions of S. Grove Avenue, S. Spring Street and DuPage Court, as the official boundaries of the SAFE ZONE. Venture outside this area at your own peril.

We have heard your feedback, citizens. This year, the ZDI team has taken extra measures to ensure safe, timely and efficient entry into the SAFE ZONE through the gates at Spring Street, Douglas Avenue, S. Grove Avenue and Fulton Street. Specially-trained, professional reinforcements have been commissioned to manage the lines and expedite the check-in and wrist-banding processes at the gates. And a dedicated, on-site box office will also be set-up this year to handle day-of ticket purchases and check-in for last minute guests fleeing the zombie hordes.

Although the SAFE ZONE has been deemed safe from the undead, we cannot guarantee that order will prevail. Expect some of the businesses to be boarded up, vegetation reclaiming derelict buildings, trash strewn everywhere, burning tires and barrels of toxic waste littering the streets, abandoned cars, buses and even airplanes damaged and overturned, as well as stray zombies being taken for processing and decapitation. Do not fear! Your safety is guaranteed by military presence, concerned citizens and our Zombie Defense Initiative. Some of the businesses will be open for you to get food, beverages, shelter, medical treatment (an ambulance will be there with doctors on hand), and provisions.

As with all groups of people (alive or dead), some will have a soft spot for the undead. Expect protesters outside the SAFE ZONE there fighting for zombie rights. Several zombie marches may occur.

This may be your last shot at survival, so we at the ZDI will make sure that every human has a good time with three stages of live entertainment, bands, food, drinks, vendors, a zombie homecoming parade and pageant, cage matches in the Thunderdome, live graffiti artists, a hookah lounge, costume contest, special guests like MeTV’s SVENGOOLIE and more.

To maintain some sort of economic health after the apocalypse, we are asking for a nominal safe zone entrance fee of $12 in advance, $15 at the gate. This will get you into the safe zone to partake in all of the festivities, but more importantly it will guarantee your survival! Online tickets can be purchased on our website soon or at the on-site box office on the day of the event.

The ZDI needs you to help keep our citizens alive! Escape to the safe zone on Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 6pm to 11pm at NIGHTMARE ON CHICAGO STREET!

Check out the Nightmare on Chicago Street photo gallery to witness the aftermath of previous years’ apocalypses in the SAFE ZONE.

If you’re not sure what to do if you encounter a zombie on your way to the event, please watch this helpful video below.

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