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About Bea...

There is more to Beatriz than meets the eye. Beyond being a devoted wife and mother, Bea is a passionate chef that will make your taste buds dance. Her dream is to make a positive impact on society, one plate at a time. 


At a very young age, Bea was surrounded by authentic family food on a daily basis, and fascinated with the amount of love and dedication that went into preparing these meals in the kitchen, hours before the family feast!  It is with this fascination, that she has grown her business through 100% word of mouth and community grass roots event culture. 


Come discover just why the food truck line and the popup tent is twice as long at BeaUnique (sorry about that btw, might have to get a second truck soon!),and why her Kitchen is hard at work 4 days a week, preparing BeaUnique's meals fresh to Carry out and share with your family, with Bea leading the charge, for her local following to enjoy!  

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"Born and raised in Chicago IL, food has always been a long traditional expression in my family.  Being of Hispanic decent, the many flavors, scents, and spices of my ancestors stormed the kitchen and left a forever connection between my family at our dinner table.  Today I find that very connection is being made by hundreds of families as they enjoy my unique flavors."  - Bea

Ask about our vegetarian and vegan options!

What people are saying about BeaUnique Latin Kitchen

We had Rice, Empanadas and jibarito's

I had been wanting to try her food for over 2 years! Finally did and totally worth it. We had rice, empanadas, jibaritos, and Coquito. TOTALLY WORTH IT! And to top it all off Bea and her hubby are great people. I will definitely be ordering again.

Bianca H


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